How much stuff have you gone through in life that was never on the "goals" list?

 Are ready to let go, to find that spark and to live an audacious life?

I see you. I get it.

It's hard to make lemonade, but worse to be stuck with lemons.

You're ready. 
I know you don't want to be the bitter person, you want joy.
You're tired of fear limiting you, you want adventure.
You've dealt with stuff, you've solved problems, and you've given to others. 

 Friend, it's time that you become important again.

It's time you woke up with hope.

It's time you started to love the eyes looking back in the mirror at you. 

I want to share with you how you can do that.

Do you know what happens when you say "yes" to yourself?

You gain time. 

Time for adventure, happiness, dreams, optimism, purpose, peace.

No more excuses, no more waiting, no more back-burner living.

Step into your story.

It's time to live BRAVE You.

How do you know if you need the

BRAVE You experience?

If you want . .


To laugh.
To dream.
To grow. 
To relax.
To create. 
To shine. 
To feel.
To wonder.
To try.
To stick with your habits.
To feel all together.
To feel accomplished.
To live with ease.
To get unstuck 
To let go of stuff.
To be you again.

All those things are
I've listened.

You want to be unapologetic in taking care of you. 

"I don't have time for one more thing."

I know. Back to time. 
I know there is probably not a bunch of margin (time and space) in your life.
Now, if you're worried about time and balance I want to tell you one thing
You are the only one who can prioritize you.

That means if you are burnt out, you can't help others.
If you are too tired, you can't give back.
If your tank is empty, you can't go far. 

The only way to find time is to take time.

I am a mom of 11.
I am the mom of a Celiac child. 
I am a wife.
I am a daughter-in-law.
 I am a business owner.
 I am a home owner.
I am a runner.
 I am a neighbor.
My kids play football, are in ROTC, are on the debate team and in chorus.
I have a meditation group.
My husband runs a company from home too. 
I see your busy.

I see that you take care of your parents, as well.
I see that you run two businesses. 
I see that your finances are tight. 
I see that you have 1001 things that need your attention.
I see your busy.

(I get busy. I know busy. My goal here is to help you lessen that busy and breathe.) 

Listen, I know I'm the ONLY one who can lace up my shoes,
open the door, turn my music on, walk outside and start to run.

It's me, deciding that it is time for me and going out the door - without guilt - and getting it done. 

I have never regretted taking time to run. 

I don't want to live a life regretting that I forgot me.

That's the magic of Brave You.
It is the antidote to regret.

It's about life.

A powerful, joy-filled, intentional, audacious, fun life.

Your life.  

I'm Rachel Marie Martin.

In case you didn't realize, I'm pretty passionate about life.  I know it's cliche about how life is short, but as I approach fifty I'm finally starting to realize that those words are, in fact, true. 

I'm also real. I've dealt with a ton of crappy things like divorce, bankruptcy, estranged children AND hard things like
moving across the country, blending families, letting go of adult kids AND of course normal things like teenagers, babies, homework, and overflowing toilets...

I've also dealt with my own limitations and excuses like when I would say things like,
"When this happens . . I'll be able to start that",
"When this gets fixed. . . I'll be able to finish that",
"When I get out of debt. . I'll be able to ______ ." 

Just excuses tamping down my dreams. 

I waited a long time for life to happen.

Nothing changed.  That's what those excuses do. They keep you stuck. 

Then I changed myself. I decided my time was now.

I became brave. 

I started to live brave. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Do one thing every day that scares you." That became my motto. Maybe it was calling a creditor, maybe it was standing on stage, maybe it was forgiving - but I did it. Her words became my goal:

Get out of my own way. 

Brave You is about you getting out of your own way.  I had to debunk and deal with my own B.S. I had to make time in the current knowing it would pay off. I had to deal with the stuff in my head and life instead of ignoring it. I had to say "yes" to adventure, to opportunities, even if I didn't feel ready. I had to love myself again. Getting out of my own way worked - I wrote a book, traveled the world, became the happiest version of me I'd even known. In fact, thousands of people ended up asking me, "How can I do this, too?"

And that's why I created the BRAVE You collective. 

How the BRAVE You Collective Works


The first thing you have to do is to decide to invest in your story. 

It is easy to fight for everyone else, but this is a journey of self-discovery, of grit, of getting out of your way, of friendship, and ultimately - of you. 

That's step one.

You have to decide that you are worth investing in. 

Most of the time there is fear in making the decision. That fear is good - it means you are on the precipice of making change. So instead of backing away, step forward and look that fear in the face. Don't let the allure of "tomorrow" is a good day to start stop you. You aren't guaranteed that - you have now, this moment, and isn't it time you felt alive, grounded in your story, and full of potential?  

Let's stop struggling to get where you want, and instead create some sustainable habits, and focus on living in the now. 



The second thing, now that you've decided, will be committing to take the time in your life. Remember, this is about time for you and unless you put yourself on your schedule it won't be done. 

Brave You is like a gym for self-improvement, mindset, soul discovery, determination and doing the hard (and fun) things. You don't just get a gym membership - you go to the gym.

Each week there will be three opportunities for you to "work out" your dreams and goals with me. We will have a teaching topic on Tuesdays (think of it like a compass for direction) that will fuel you, a coffee-chat style check in (ask your questions, let's get/stay on track) on Thursdays and on Friday (Friday 15) I will give you some motivation, optional challenges, and tips for the weekend. 

Having fun and enjoying life will be required. 

Happiness? Yes, please. 


But that's not all. One of the strongest ways to stay on track, after deciding and committing is accountability. That's the third component of the Brave You challenge. 

You will be a part of a private and exclusive Facebook group. The check-ins will be streamed and shared there. There will be motivational tips, quotes and advice. But most importantly, there will be others, your team members, you believe in your dreams just as much as their own. 

Accountability is a game changer. There is a powerful shift to be in a community where you not only fix each others crowns, but are proud of the one you are wearing. 

You will also have concrete ways to track and recalibrate your goals as well as specific thought questions for you to ponder as you embrace your soul and life journey. 

I'll be there too, cheering you on. 


Finally, you'll also get a Brave You email sent each Monday with reminders for the week and some motivation to start out right. I'll share with you what I'm reading, what I'm seeing results in and what you can use to make each week your best, bravest week.

Beyond that, several times a year I will be bringing in guests who will share their Brave You story and provide that extra bit of motivation to keep going.  Who knows, maybe you'll be a guest with your own powerful story. 

You will move from selling yourself short to stepping into your story with confidence and bravery.

Oh yes, one last fun thing, each Brave You member also gets an exclusive teeshirt, discounts on any events and fun bonuses throughout the year. 

Here's a short example of part of a challenge you'll experience. 

work ≠ struggle

For most of my life I've thought the opposite. I believed that when I had to do something hard it meant that I essentially had to struggle. As a result I unintentionally found myself creating struggles and angst during projects when I should have been having fun. 

Friends would wonder why I'd get so anxiety-ridden over fun things. I'd get annoyed because I was annoyed at work. And I'd unknowingly create confusion, frustration and complication to work that should have been easy. 

It was because I believed the lie that work (or change) needed to be a struggle. I had to come face to face with myself and my beliefs if I wanted a different result. 

Once I started allowing work to be enjoyable it allowed me to begin to step into my creative spaces. Instead of blocking flow, I allowed myself to enjoy the process. I decided to let go of the struggle.

In your life, what do you believe about work?

And isn't it time to make work fun again? 

Real Success Stories

Rachel this gives me the opportunity to say something I've wanted to for a while. Meeting you in Nashville was a moment that has changed my parenting profoundly. You rearranged my expectations. You've managed to reassure me and challenge me all at once. Could there be a bigger blessing? Or a better friend? Can't wait to see you again. 

Dr. G.

When I met you in Toronto a few years back, you helped me take the leap to voicing my joy in my new blog and I have been so thankful for that. I continue to get inspiration from you for non-business reason as you are a real voice about living each day without pretense and looking at our gifts straight in their precious eyes. 

Sharon McMillan

Your words and replies to my personal messages have saved my sanity as a mom when I was losing it. You are responsible for me being a better mother and a better human. My child is better off because of you. Much love and gratitude. .

Sarah Hanken

The Three Elements of Living Your Brave.


Powerful Purpose
  • Purpose is an art of commitment, focus and stick-to-it-ness. It's easy to look at the results as the purpose, but what happens if you start to live with purpose? As part of Brave You you'll discover how to live each day with powerful purpose.
  • Instead of adding more to do, a powerful purpose is like a compass keeping you aligned with your goals. Instead of just making it through a day, or settling, your powerful purpose will have you finding rhythm, energy, momentum, habits, and times of rest. 
  • Instead of "what next?" you will have a passionate vision and actionable steps. 


Mindful Mindset
  • Being mindful means being aware. Do you know what brings you happiness? Have you created and cultivated ways for you to succeed?
  • Mindful mindset is all about creating an environment - mentally and physically - that embraces your story. It's about adding fun in your life, about figuring out ways to keep going, about adding excitement to your life, about taking time to think and ponder and about busting through excuses.
  • Instead of clutter and rushing you will have clarity and focus.


Bravely Be You.
  • When you expect more from yourself - you will get more. This means that you embrace your uniqueness and if you don't know it - you commit to finding it.
  • So often we are taught to live small - don't be so loud, don't draw attention - and as a result we allow our purpose to shrink. When you work to step into your purpose and pursue your passions you will begin to create powerful results in your life.
  • Instead of playing small you will confidently shine. 

Here is what you will receive. 

  • 3 Weekly Videos - One 30 Minute Macro, One 60 Minutes Live Q&A, One 15 Minute Motivation. We'll record all of them so you don't have to stress about making exact times. 
  • Monday Weekly Newsletter - Action Steps for the Week, Motivational tips, Reminders, Announcements and Goals. 
  • Private Facebook Group - The Collective - These are your people. Beyond that, there will be opportunities to check-in, recalibrate and connect. 
  • A "behind the scenes" peek into Rachel's life. 
  • Unique Challenges - Virtual 5K, Volunteer, Exclusive Workshops 
  • Quarterly "Meet-the-Expert" events
  • Tee shirt and "The Brave Art of Motherhood" Audio Book
  • And in-person meet and greets

More about me 

For those of you who don't know me who need some social proof - I get it, that's fair. After all, you're investing in me, too. 

I'm the writer behind FindingJoy.net and the 900k strong and growing facebook page Finding Joy. In the time I've been writing I published three books, one book The Brave Art of Motherhood with Penguin Random House, spoken world-wide (New Zealand was a highlight), have had my articles translated into over 25 languages, had a podcast that was the top 25 in the country for social media news, started a company that trains entrepreneurs on how to switch from hobby to business and coach a group of network marketers. That's the work stuff.

I'm also a runner, mom to many (eleven in my blended family), wife, gardener and more. Sometimes people will also ask me, "How do you do all that?" Which, truthfully, is why I created this program - let's call it - a sharing of the secret of bravery which creates confidence which creates results which creates time.  

PS. I added some logos of a handful of companies that I've worked with below (just in case you needed some more proof that I get it.)

So what are you waiting for? 

Can you really keep waiting until tomorrow for your dreams?  

This is about you stepping out and deciding to be brave. The one thing I know about life is that our greatest gift is the time we each get. The issue? We don't know how much time we're allotted. And yet, sometimes we forget the gift and imagine that we are invincible, that we have all the time in the world or we even think "it's too late to change." Don't let that be your story. Years ago I had this realization while sitting in Seattle with my then oldest who was in college and it was that I didn't want them to think I was a good mom, but never happy. Ouch, right? 

It was then that I decided that waiting was risky and I really pushed myself to find happiness, purpose and joy.

  • Do you laugh? Sometimes our weekly challenge will be to find moments to laugh.
  • Do you deal with fear? We all do. I once heard fear described as False Evidence Appearing Real. The fear that it is too late or you don't have time or what will others think - false. We will work together to debunk fears. 
  • Do you need a friend? Support? We all do. We need that person who reminds us of our strength, who loves us when we stumble and who holds us to our dreams. You will get that here. Trust me when I tell you - I'll be there.
  • Do you struggle with goals and self-image? You're not alone. But we're going to work through that and you will discover an inner confidence and passionate follow-through.
  • Do you want to start checking off things from your bucket list? Yes. And if you don't have one let's make one. Your life is valuable. Live a life without regrets, my friend.  
  • Do you want to stop learning and wishing for change? It's time to start doing. Implementing. This is about action - mental and physical. And it's about living in a state of flow and joy. 

It's time to be brave.

The Brave You Investment




Monthly Membership

  • Monthly Theme Live Call
  • Weekly Compass Focus Call
  • Weekly Live Q&A
  • Friday 15 Motivator Call 
  • Private Brave You Community 
  • Brave You Worksheets & Trackers to keep you going. 
  • Teeshirt & Audio Book
  • and so much more....




Have an audacious goal or want an opportunity to work with Rachel individually? The Brave You Accelerator program gives you two years of membership plus three months of individualized strategy and coaching. 

  • 3 - 30 Minute One on One Calls with Rachel over 3 months
  • Individualized Action Plan
  • Weekly Group call (30-35 minutes) with other members of the Accelerator program.
  • Two Year membership (all the benefits) to Brave You.
  • First to know about new opportunities and events. 

Frequently asked questions

Can I work with Rachel one on one? 

Wow! Thanks for the interest to work with me one on one. I get so many requests which is the main reason I created the Brave You experience. Occasionally I work with individual clients, but due to the high number of inquiries I have a short application -> 

I also have an exclusive mastermind group of high-level entrepreneurs that has enrollment twice a year. If you are interested in that here is the initial application -> 

How do I know this is for me? 

I don't. You know that answer. But chances are, if you're here, you are looking for more. More impact. More happiness. More focus. More time. More you. 

I do know that IF you are tired of feeling tired or you are wanting massive change or just happiness that this is a good place to find it. If you've lived a real life, in other words had the ups and downs and so forth and are wanting an impact, wanting to smile, wanting adventure and wanting to love yourself again - I can tell you - this is the place to find it.

Remember, it is like the gym, the place where you go to get the results you want in your life. When you invest in yourself it is a reminder to keep trying, keep pursuing, and keep believing in yourself. Investing in yourself is the ultimate brave. 

How much time will this require? 

This question. Time. Listen, I'm going to be blunt - you get out of life what you put in it. Making changes, finding yourself, having an adventure, making an impact - it involves time. I firmly believe you are worth that time. I knew when I committed to running 1000 miles in one year that it would mean that I would need to give up an equal amount of time. There is no way to running that far without putting in the hours (and feeling growing pains). This program is really about you. I'm here to push you, to motivate you, to inspire you, to encourage you, to give you solid steps, but you, yes you, get to decide what effort you'll put in and thus what results you want. 

Beyond that, in a practical way, you can do as much (or as little as you need). I get it. Life happens, life gets busy. Each week, the commitment is about 20-30 minutes a day. 

What if I want to cancel? 

If you decide that the Year of Brave You isn't for you - you can cancel within the first seven days and receive a full refund. Upon cancellation you will no longer have access to the private Facebook group or any of the materials. 

If you decide after the initial seven days, then you can cancel your subscription before it renews. You will be able to access all of the Year of Brave You resources - Facebook group, modules, past lessons - until the end of your initial subscription. 

How is this delivered? 

Great question! You will get a weekly email from me that has tips, strategies and action steps you can take for the week. You will get three videos - one for our week's focus (the first week of the month is the month's focus), one for a Q&A "coffee" chat with me where you can submit your questions and I'll answer and we can discuss and the third time it will be the Friday 15 Minute Motivation for the weekend.

You will also periodically get gifts in the mail as well as fun, easy (optional) challenges to join. 

I still feel lost in my story. Is this for me? 

I "get" that feeling of being lost. Sometimes the bravest way to get un-lost is to decide that is what you're going to do. This is that group. While some may have goals of climbing Mt Everest others may have goals of finding happiness again. Both matter. Both are valid. And we support them all. I know, that in my own story, the only way to step into my calling and really shine as me was to start taking those steps.

Remember, I'm going to give you a compass, and you will find your map. 

Why is it this price? 

Here's the hard, honest, truth - when you invest you commit. I know that if it wasn't a "should I do this" kind of thing then the commitment might not be there. But when you invest you are essentially driving a stake in the ground to commit to this. I need you to commit. I need you to feel the pressure of committing. I need you to want to succeed. That's why it is that price. 

© 2023 Brave You Collective part of Finding Joy founded by Rachel Marie Martin