Twelve years ago I wrote a post, hit submit, and my journey as a writer began.

The full courage of pushing "submit" and putting my thoughts out into the world didn't hit me then, I just was deciding to take a risk, to share my heart and my quest in finding joy. My life was really messy back then, but I still dared to share.

Year after year those words grew and this vibrant community of women grew with me all waiting to hear the life epiphany I would share. Sometimes it would be about rediscovering happiness or the importance of self-care or the sacred in the small moments of life. 

All of those small shifts, those micro-adjustments, those brave moments were actually epiphanies about how I got myself unstuck in life and created massive change. In essence I began to break the rules that kept me stuck, small and unmotivated. 

An epiphany is that moment when you suddenly feel that you understand or suddenly become conscious of something that is important to you. For me, living a vibrant life was that truth.

As a result many, many women asked me to help them 

unlock THEIR own happiness, purpose, and joy.

They wanted an epiphany too. 

It's Why I write.
Why I share my story
Why I've built this community. 

I want you to wake up happy, with purpose, and knowing how much you matter.
I want you to pursue your dreams and to release the baggage you don't need to carry.
I want you to embrace your intuition and listen to your hopes.
I want you to love yourself.

I want you to make consistent progress in your life. 
I want you to be a part of a community where you are seen, nurtured and given the tools to create your own epiphany moments in life.

Those moments are like a lightbulb illuminating your story. 

The moments bring clarity.

So let me ask you this: Are you ready to live your best life now?


When you join Epiphany you will get me as your guide.

 I'll help you step into your story and live an abundant life.  

Through monthly coaching, weekly work sessions and our vibrant community I'll help illuminate the small shifts in your life which make massive change, I'll help you break the rules that limit your potential, and finally will help you apply alchemic action - in other words, I'll help you unearth the gold in your story. I will be there with you, cheering you on, providing resources and insights and helping you transform your daily life so that you become the most fulfilled and confident you that you can imagine.  

Here's what to Expect

  • Monthly Epiphany Coaching - Instead of wondering what to do next, when you join Epiphany YOU GET ME AS YOUR PERSONAL GUIDE!  I'll be coaching you and providing powerful epiphany moments for the various facets of your life - relationships, health, money, mindset and work.  Each month we will focus on a different theme - such as balance, taking risks, aging, anxiety, etc... -  and you'll be given tips and tools to help you gain clarity, to let go of what isn't working, and to implement action into your day. 
  •  Monthly Live Calls - Think of this like meeting at the coffee shop and having a chat, sharing your real and connecting with others. But beyond that, these calls will bolster your confidence, will give you clarity and will provide doable action steps that will create a shift in perspective couple with results. 
  • Weekly Podcast / Email - Each Monday there will be an exclusive podcast breaking down the month's theme into the facets of life - health, wealth and relationships. You will also receive a beautiful pdf with places for you to record your shifts, to set goals and to stay encouraged. 
  • Friday Focus - Instead of prepping for the next week on Monday, you'll get a head start on Friday. Every Friday you'll get a short video from me that will wrap up your week and will help you move your goals forward to the next week. It is a blend of seeing the progress, working on the epiphanies, and seizing opportunities.
  • Epiphany Private Facebook Community - These are your people, they want what you want - vibrancy, purpose, connection and joy in life. This community celebrates each other, fixes each other's crowns, cheers each other on, provides encouragement and connects across the world. We also do "check-ins" and recalibrations in this space. 
  • Exclusive Challenges  - Throughout the year there will be challenges just for the Epiphany Community. There will also be unique opportunities to connect with other members as well as ways to give back to others.   

Here's how to know Epiphany is perfect for you. 

Do you want to laugh? You know, that deep, unfiltered laugh?

Sometimes our weekly challenge will be to find moments to laugh. Maybe it will be watching a comedy special, maybe hanging with friends, but you are going to unearth that child-like joy again in your life. 

Do you want to stop letting fear have a grip on you?

We all do. I once heard fear described as False Evidence Appearing Real. The fear that it is too late or you don't have time or what will others think - false. We will work together to debunk fears. I've learned the best way to deal with fear is to TALK ABOUT IT. Those rules you'll be breaking? So many of them are rooted in fear. Don't worry - you won't be alone - you will have an amazing community helping you start to shake off fear.

Do you need a friend? Support?

Remember, one of the main reasons I created the Epiphany Membership is because so many women wrote me telling me how they felt alone. I love getting together and sharing and speaking at events, but I can't do that all the time (hello, laundry, football games, homework...), so I decided to create a community here. We all need that person who reminds us of our strength, who loves us when we stumble and who holds us to our dreams. You will get that here. Trust me when I tell you - I'll be there.

Do you want to crush your goals and have a powerful self-image?

You're not alone. I think it's hard sometimes to voice our hopes and desires and to feel good about ourselves. Epiphany is all about you being the best you that you can be. It's about being bold in your goals and looking in the mirror and LOVING the reflection staring back. 

Do you want to start checking off things from your bucket list?

Bucket lists, goals, dreams - they matter. No more tucking them away or thinking they're "too big" for your story. I'm going to share with you a powerful story about bucket lists in the first weeks. Now listen, if you don't have one let's make one. Your life is valuable. Live a life without regrets, my friend. In Epiphany you WILL dust off the bucket list and you will not only dream but do. 

Do you want to live with flow and ease?

As a creative being one of the hardest things for me was to figure out how to find my energy in this world. I resisted for a long time - not scheduling time for myself, in other words, burning out. I didn't realize the importance of living in flow - in synchronicity - and loving each of our energy patterns and what we need. You will learn to discover your rhythm and when you can live out of your true self, you will begin to exist in a higher state and in that coveted place of flow.

Join Us! 

I'm the writer behind and the 900k strong and growing facebook page Finding Joy. In the time I've been writing I published three books, one book The Brave Art of Motherhood with Penguin Random House, spoken world-wide (New Zealand was a highlight), have had my articles translated into over 25 languages, had a podcast that was the top 25 in the country for social media news, started a company that trains entrepreneurs on how to switch from hobby to business and coach a group of network marketers. That's the work stuff.

I'm also a runner, mom to many (eleven in my blended family), wife, gardener and more. Sometimes people will also ask me, "How do you do all that?" Which, truthfully, is why I created this program - let's call it - a sharing of the secret of bravery which creates confidence which creates results which creates time.  

Frequently asked questions

Can I work with Rachel one on one? 

Wow! Thanks for the interest to work with me one on one. I get so many requests which is the main reason I created the Brave You experience. Occasionally I work with individual clients, but due to the high number of inquiries I have a short application ->

How do I know this is for me? 

I don't. You know that answer. But chances are, if you're here, you are looking for more. More impact. More happiness. More focus. More time. More you. 

I do know that IF you are tired of feeling tired or you are wanting massive change or just happiness that this is a good place to find it. If you've lived a real life, in other words had the ups and downs and so forth and are wanting an impact, wanting to smile, wanting adventure and wanting to love yourself again - I can tell you - this is the place to find it.

Remember, it is like the gym, the place where you go to get the results you want in your life. When you invest in yourself it is a reminder to keep trying, keep pursuing, and keep believing in yourself. Investing in yourself is the ultimate brave. 

How much time will this require? 

This question. Time. Listen, I'm going to be blunt - you get out of life what you put in it. Making changes, finding yourself, having an adventure, making an impact - it involves time. I firmly believe you are worth that time. I knew when I committed to running 1000 miles in one year that it would mean that I would need to give up an equal amount of time. There is no way to running that far without putting in the hours (and feeling growing pains). This program is really about you. I'm here to push you, to motivate you, to inspire you, to encourage you, to give you solid steps, but you, yes you, get to decide what effort you'll put in and thus what results you want. 

Beyond that, in a practical way, you can do as much (or as little as you need). I get it. Life happens, life gets busy. Each week, the commitment is about 20-30 minutes a day. 

What if I want to cancel? 

If you decide that the Epiphany Membership isn't for you - you can cancel within the first seven days and receive a full refund. Upon cancellation you will no longer have access to the private Facebook group or any of the materials. 

If you decide after the initial seven days, then you can cancel your subscription before it renews. You will be able to access all of the Epiphany Membership resources - Facebook group, modules, past lessons - until the end of your initial subscription. 

How is this delivered? 

Great question! You will get a weekly email from me that has tips, strategies and action steps you can take for the week. Each month you will get a video with the month's Epiphany focus. Then each week you will get an exclusive Audio (Podcast) where you will get to hear strategies for the week. You will also get to join a LIVE Q&A session (if you can't make it - you'll get the recording) and then Friday you'll get a short Friday Favorites video from me.

You will also periodically get gifts in the mail as well as fun, easy (optional) challenges to join. 

I still feel lost in my story. Is this for me? 

I "get" that feeling of being lost. Sometimes the bravest way to get un-lost is to decide that is what you're going to do. This is that group. While some may have goals of climbing Mt Everest others may have goals of finding happiness again. Both matter. Both are valid. And we support them all. I know, that in my own story, the only way to step into my calling and really shine as me was to start taking those steps.

I think the small epiphanies that we get in life are massive catalysts for change. So yes, join and find direction. 

Why is it this price? 

Here's the hard, honest, truth - when you invest you commit. I know that if it wasn't a "should I do this" kind of thing then the commitment might not be there. But when you invest you are essentially driving a stake in the ground to commit to this. I need you to commit. I need you to feel the pressure of committing. I need you to want to succeed. That's why it is that price. 

© 2023 Epiphany Membership is part of Finding Joy and Audience Industries founded by Rachel Marie Martin