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Unearth your story.

Find balance.

Get insights.

Give your soul a voice. 

Why Soul Write?

As a kid, I didn't really like writing. The teacher would give an assignment, I'd groan, and I'd plod my way through it. Little did I know that for me, a creative, writing was a conduit to my heart. Now, as an adult, writing has changed my life. Not only has writing provided for my family, but writing has allowed me to gain deeper insights. It's allowed me to gain clarity, to let go of past pains, to forgive, to think of opportunities, to calm my mind, and to ultimately, find joy.

Many people have asked me to teach them how to create massive change in their lives and what better way than to use my super power - writing - as a tool of change for you. Now, listen, this isn't edited writing. This isn't about formulas or perfection. This is what I call Epiphany writing - writing that will help you unlock your story, your dreams, your passions, your hopes, your fears, your desires, your next steps,  and ultimately - your soul's story. 

  take time for you   

Listen, you are important. Your time is important too. We all are blessed with 24 hours each day and we all get to decide how to use them. In order to find clarity, boldness or to simply get out of the internalization, you have to have an outlet. Writing is an amazing way for you to make your days run smoother and for you to find more confidence and clarity. Writing is simply a piece of paper or a screen and you with your thoughts. 

Now, there might be one of you thinking, "I hate writing." I hear you, I get it. I once thought I hated running and yet, this year, instead of believing that, I decided to commit to running 1000 miles. Guess what? I don't hate running anymore AND it taught me so much.

You might just surprise yourself and discover the power behind words.

Epiphany Writer is the conduit for your soul's voice. 

What is Epiphany Writer?

Epiphany writer is a simple membership designed to help you find time in your story to actually invest in your story. 

It's easy to be busy and to tell yourself, "I'll take care of my dreams tomorrow."

Epiphany Writer is about making your tomorrow today.

As a member you are deciding to invest in your soul now.

Think of it like coaching, but instead of worksheets and videos and homework it is simply you, pondering intentional prompts that are designed to awaken your spirit.  These prompts include a brief insight, written by me and exclusive to Epiphany Writers, that is designed to ignite a spark of wonder, of creativity, of vibrancy and of hope within you.  Beyond the spark, when you can calm and organize your mind you will discover that your life will begin to gain the same calmness and organization.  

In order to grow you have to set aside time to reflect. 

Epiphany Writer is your catalyst for a life filled with a greater sense of purpose, personal growth and joy. 

It's truly a way for you to capture your thoughts and gain clarity. 

As a member this is what you will receive:

Journal Theme


Once a week you'll get a thought provoking essay which will include prompts for you to ponder and write about.

Write as much as you want or as little as you like. Think about it, contemplate it, but take a minute, and get the thoughts on the inside out.  



You'll get exclusive access to the Epiphany podcast where I'll unpack the month's journal theme.  The podcast will add insights, humor, and perspective. The podcast is only available to Epiphany Writers.

Office Hours


Twice a month I'll host a live Q&A on the member's facebook page. This is your chance to offer insights, to share your epiphanies and to sit back and simply write. 

This is a community dedicated to loving the stories of each person involved. 

About me

My name is Rachel Marie Martin and I am a writer.

I'd tell you that I'm a speaker, podcaster, story-teller, and entrepreneur too.

But, ultimately, it all started with writing.

Fifteen years ago I started writing online. It began as a way for me to process my feelings, basically a public journal. As time went on that journaling grew into my current website, Finding Joy, and subsequent Facebook page. It's grown into speaking worldwide, publishing a book, "The Brave Art of Motherhood" with Penguin Random House, and teaching thousands how I went from sitting at my computer and hitting, "submit" to having over 100 million page views and shares of my words. 

I am passionate about helping you unlock your heart and I know that the simplest act - words on paper - can produce massive results. I've seen it over and over again and am passionate about sharing how words produce results.

Beyond that, I'm a mom to eleven - seven bio, four bonus, am married, live in Nashville and love to run.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you more. 

Let the writing begin! 

join epiphany writer

To keep it simple you can join for $20/month or $120/year.

Benefits: Weekly Epiphany Journal prompts, Monthly podcast, monthly office hours and a private Facebook group.

Get to know you again.

For a one time $120 ($10 per month) payment you will receive a full year of access to everything Epiphany Writer has to offer. Or simply choose the $20 option to see if Epiphany Writer is a fit for you. 

This includes podcasts, writing prompts, office hours and insights.

*All prices are in USD.

Epiphany Writer is a Finding Joy Membership by Rachel Marie Martin and Audience Industries