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So often I’m asked – what do you love? Or where did you get that picture? Or what do you use on your skin? And so forth. And, yes, yes, yes…many people would love me to try their products. (If you are one of those please email me here and we can talk .)

I’m not a huge stuff person – maybe from years of living without means for extras or maybe for my love of simplicity. But, that being said there are certain things that I love greatly and that simply make me happy. And as you all know, one of my goals and dreams is for us to find happy again – especially in a world of busy and expectations.

Lucky Iron Fish. 

If you’ve read my story you know that I’ve suffered from anemia for years. This simple item has been really beneficial in my health quest to get my iron back to normal levels.

Rodan & Fields MicroAbrasian Cream

First, and you must listen to me – I have never ever ever plus never been a gal that uses anything on my face. Ever. If anyone asked, I’d tell them I used water. But as 40 crept closer (and ahem passed) all of a sudden I started to mull it over. My friend Amy sent me a couple samples and that’s all it took. In fact, just the other night I told Dan that I can’t believe how much I love this stuff because nothing has ever worked on my skin before.

Our Finding Joy tee

I can't tell you how many times I've run into people wearing one of our Finding Joy tees. I love it because I know immediately how much you show up, and keep going for your family. I love that we have something to identify ourselves. 

It started with me asking a simple question on Facebook. And then suggestion after suggestion after suggestion for the first official Finding Joy teeshirt came in. And I was blown away and filled with gratitude. For real. Not only did you encourage me with your words, but you gave me tremendous direction.

The Anchor

While in Haiti, when I decided that life needed to change so I got a bracelet to remind me that I was never going to go again. That bracelet was my anchor. I could look at it and know that I had to break the cycles. It was my rock and I want you to have one, too. 

The Grove

I've grown to love the box that comes each month with good, healthy, earth-friendly products. Start your Grove experience today and receive a FREE Home Bundle with your first purchase of $3+

Your Super - Organic Superfood Powders

One of my favorite parts of every single day is my YourSuper drink. I've never liked traditional protein powder drinks, but these plant based super food drinks are hands-down my favorite. I STRONGLY recommend them if you're looking at adding some superfoods to your life. I've done the 5 Day Detox before and while it's hard, it's also full of amazing benefits. I've tried EVERY SINGLE one of YourSuper's products and love them all. This is an investment in your health . . . you will not regret. Remember, you are worth it.