Sometimes, you have to let go . . . 

That is what motherhood, what life is about. It’s being there when life isn’t perfect. It’s being there without sleep and with tears. It’s being there waiting up hoping for a call.

It’s being there and letting the tears fall. It’s being so much there that sometimes you let go for the greater good.

Just like I didn’t give up on you then, I will not give up on you now.

You are strong, I am strong.

You are brave, I am brave.

You are valuable, I am valuable.

And that will never change.

love you forever, like you for always.

About the Quote

Can I just be super super real with all of you?

Those finding joy words are my heart, my ache, my hope. I wrote those simple words, words that have now reached 20 million, on my front porch with tears in my eyes and a heart heavy this July. It was inspired by the deep deep loss I felt when my almost fifteen year old son decided to not return to Nashville, but rather to live in Minnesota with his dad. It was the right choice for him. I love him so much that I let him go despite my own loss. And I'm thankful for that relationship, but, oh my friends, the loss, the pain - it wasn't what I hoped - and I poured that feeling into those words.

I never expected it to ripple so far.

Life so often isn't what we imagined. And we cannot sit, no matter how hard, in the past, but need, even in hardship, to seek joy, to seek something good in the path we are BLESSED to yet walk.

I need you to do this because LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

Love your family my friends. Tell your friends and family that they are important. I'm serious. Tell people they mean something to you. Tell the barista at Starbucks thank you. Don't complain. Just tell people they are valuable.

You never never know what impact you will leave.

To all of you reading this - thank you for all you do. Thank you for showing up and loving. Thank you for fighting for the good days and the bad days and the normal days. You are valuable and important.

And to my family, including my son who lives almost 1000 miles from me right now - I love you. Always.


Real Words from Real Mom

“Thank you for being such an honest and true voice for so many moms out there.”
—Jen K.

“You help me get through the days when I am not sure what I have gotten myself into and when I question if I am cut out for motherhood. Thank you.”
—Heather B.

“Thank you for allowing me to see the truth that has been staring me in the face and for giving me the strength to move forward with what is best for my children and me.”

“Your writing helps me feel less alone and often gives me the little boost I need to dig deep and keep going.”
—Jenifer J.

“Thank you so much for showing me that I’m normal, that mothering my children is an imperfect science of trial and error, and that it’s okay not to be perfect. Thank you.”
—Heather W.

“Today you bring tears to my eyes. You make me feel like somebody gets it. Somebody understands.”
—Becky R.

“The wisdom you share is life changing and gives me hope in the days when I need it the most.”
—Kristi B.

“When I read your honest reflections, I hear an assuring voice whisper back, ‘You are not alone.’ Suddenly, my hope is renewed, and I’m able to go back to what I do best: loving my people. You have an extraordinary gift for putting into words what it means to accept and embrace the messy, hard, beautiful, sacred moments of motherhood.”
—Rachel M. S.

“I am constantly riding the roller coaster that is motherhood. Thank you for your compassionate and enlightening words of strength, wisdom, and inspiration.”
—Tash M.

“Your words have spoken straight to my heart. There have been times when they’ve been my primary encouragement.”
—Jessi H.

“Sometimes your words are what keep me going when I’ve hit the wall of patience, energy, and self-confidence.”
—Kathy S.

Who is Rachel Marie Martin?

RACHEL MARIE MARTIN, having pulled herself up from poverty to being named one of Inc. magazine's top 40 entrepreneurs, has been writing Finding Joy full time for several years and writing online for over a decade. Rachel is a single mom of 7, whose experiences range from homeschooling her two oldest daughters from kindergarten through graduation, now being a public school mom of 5. She's the daughter of church planters, a long time housewife and now a professional business woman.

She has always had a passion for a daring, adventure-filled life and is often requested to speak and motivate others with her vivacious energy and deep belief that life is a gift. Rachel is also a partner in Blogging Concentrated, the world's largest training and development company for bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. She travels worldwide teaching marketing, voice, messaging, social media strategy and more. 

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