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From: Rachel
Subject: This is it! This is the page you are looking for. 

Thank you for grabbing the Brave Basket. 

This is the page where you get access to the products, but please read this information FIRST before getting your products. I want to save you angst and questions. Thank you!


​Now, each graphic below is the same as on the Sales Page  . . . but on this page I made them links. So to take one of the courses, just click the graphic and you'll go to the place where you register. 

That brings up the question "Why isn't it just a zip file with ebooks?" Well, as you know you didn't buy a bundle of Ebooks. What you purchased are amazing individual courses, ebooks, checklists, and more. 

The products aren't simple ebooks. They are varied. 

Some products have shopping carts that will show $11.99 or $49.95 or $297 or whatever the price originally is. The coupon code is FINDINGJOY for each product. Enter it into the coupon code spot or password spot and you're good to go. However, I added the info below each product and if there is an exception (one product is lower case findingjoy)  

Now, you have 60 days to go get/register/join these things. After that you get to keep them forever, but the contributors need to be able to close these pages to prevent fraud. So you get till August 14th to grab each product. What I recommend doing is creating a new folder for your products. Since they're mainly not ebooks, if there is a course, often it is emailed to you. Love these people, my friends. They are like you and me, creating a business, providing for their families. In fact, often I learn how to better my business by seeing how others do it. 

This is kind of a fix your friend's crown moment, in a way. We are all together, living our brave. 

If your computer crashes, you have to go to Fiji on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, you get sick . . . you must still find a way do get them in the 60 day window. Beyond the fraud issue, these products are the livelihood of each contributor, or as I like to say to my kids, these products put food on the table. Since the gals at Kroger know me by name you know that is a great deal of food. 🙂 

If you have questions you can email me at rachelmariemartin@findingjoy.net. Now, that being said, have patience as the emails are abundant. My team will work through them. Know that you are important and we will help you out. 

Finally, we are friendly and helpful. We already know something will go wrong. Although this is the first year of Brave Basket this is my fifth year creating a product like this (see http://bloggingconcentrated.com/bcstack)  

 But make sure, no matter what, the shopping cart says $0. Don't buy anything. There is a coupon code for everything.  

Something else will break, a coupon code will stop working. Something will go wrong. For all of you people who are thinking "if you think positive thoughts, you will have positive results". Well, here's my answer to that. We will fix the problem. It isn't the end of the world. We'll do it politely, as quickly as we can and with much sincerity. You know why?  I really really believe there is a product in here that will unearth that bravery, will inspire, will open doors, will make life easier. 

So have fun! There's a lot of cool stuff in here. I am glad you are here. 


ps. If you have a question, check the "important info" at the bottom of this page first. That would really help me out, or at least my kids, because it's summer and they like to see me for a bit too. 🙂 

get your products now!

All of the products of the Brave Basket are below. There is instructions for how to access each one next to it. Many times it takes a bit for the email to come back to your inbox. I recommend using the same username/password for all your Brave Basket signups or to record your info on the checklist sheet. Have fun! 

No need to register. Exclusive event is July 11 at noon (Eastern).

 We will send you an email with link to webinar.

click image for course, use code FINDINGJOY

click image above for workshop

Register ABOVE. This event takes place July 8-11

click image above for course

click image for course, use code FINDINGJOY

click image above, register and use code FINDINGJOY

click image above for summit, use coupon code FINDINGJOY

click image above for workshop, bonus podcast with Rachel included

click image above to download ebook

click image above for link, use coupon code FINDINGJOY

click image above for course

click image above for journal, use coupon code FINDINGJOY

click image above for course

click image above for ebook

click image above, will open in dropbox, download ebook

click image above for ebook

click image above for link, create account 

click image above for workbook, use code FINDINGJOY

click image above for ebook

click image above for bundle

click image above for course, use coupon code FINDINGJOY at checkout

click image above for summit, use coupon code findingjoy (lowercase)

click image above, select 3 months, enter info, add FINDINGJOY code

click image above for binder printables

click image above for guide

click image above for course

click image above for workshop, register, use code FINDINGJOY

click image above for ebook

click image above for course

click image above for course

click image above for access to graphics


click image above for guidebook

important information

Can I make money by promoting it?

One of the goals of FindingJoy.net is to help find ways moms can make money without needing money, without needing to go somewhere, without needing a credit card. So we would love it if you wanted to help share Brave Basket - each sale you make you get 50% of the revenue. There is so much good stuff in here and we can't reach everyone who needs it on our own.  Sign up at Brave Basket Affiliate or send an email to rachelmartin@findingjoy.net and we'll get back to you almost immediately .
Why is it $39? It seems too good to be true.

The whole idea of Brave Basket is to introduce you to new experts and introduce them to you. For the experts this is a chance to get in front of thousands and thousands of people they couldn't get in front of otherwise. And since it is only one week, they are willing to provide their products to Brave Basket just for the chance to meet you. 

On the flip side, we can't reach the entire world on our own. So we ask you to help share it with your friends, audience and community AND we use the $39 to help pay you a 50% commission and bonuses. It's just a great project for everyone. 

How long do I have to access the products?

You'll have till August 14th,  which is 60 days to register/download or grab the products.  But once you do that, you get to keep them forever. On the products page, you'll see if any have other time limits. For instance a live stream ticket to a conference has a specific date.  eBooks you download to your computer, eCourses come to your email. You just have to go get/download/register/sign-up in the next 60 days. After that you can take your time to consume them. 

Which products will I receive?

You will receive access to all the products listed on the Brave Basket sales page. (And I'll send you some unannounced stuff via email). They are yours to grab until August 14th . . . the you get to keep them forever. But you have 60 days to go get them.  I send instructions via email. 

How do I access and/or download the products in Brave Basket?

Since you've purchased the Brave Basket you will (should) receive an email with a link to the downloads page. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL  PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AND JUNK FOLDER.  Also sometimes it takes the email server a bit of time to kick the email out. So if you could wait twenty minutes that would be appreciated. All instructions on how to access products are on the downloads page. Now, not all of these are downloads. A livestream pass to a conference is not a download, nor is access to a UDEMY course, or a software membership. So each product has a different redemption path. Some are downloads, others you register for, etc. . .

I do not have a PayPal Account? Is there another way to pay?

Yes!!  The great thing about PayPal is you can make purchases there by credit card.  Just below the login part is a link to use your credit card. It is completely secure and information confidential. 

I do not have a downloads page link. What do I do? 

Again, check your Spam and Junk folders first.  Most of the time if they are lost, you'll find them there. Then wait at least 20 minutes after you purchase. I'm not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email. That is what I tell my kids all the time when I purchase XBOX digital gift certificates. I know it can feel like "forever" (to use their words)....but it really should arrive.  And then if those don't work, email me:  rachelmartin@findingjoy.net  and I'll take care of it. 

I can not download or access the products, what do I do?

Again, check your Spam and Junk folders first.  Most of the time if they are lost, you'll find them there. Then wait at least 15 minutes after you purchase. I'm not really in charge of how long it takes your internet provider to deliver email.  And then if those don't work, email me:  rachelmartin@findingjoy.net  and I'll take care of it. 

Can I purchase just part of Brave Basket?

No, but you don't have to download them all. Plus our goal is to make sure every product has a retail value of at least $39. That way if you only use one thing, you still get a great deal.

Can I buy last year's Basket?

Sadly, no. We didn't set it up with the experts that way last year. . . that may be something we do in the future. 

Can I purchase hard copies of the books and products?

Sure. We can do that. We can put things on DVD, thumb drive or CD. Just email us at rachelmartin@findingjoy.net and we'll tell you how much that will cost.  But most of the things aren't books . . they're tickets, software, webinars . . . that just can't be put on a disk.

How can I access my products on the iPad / Kindle / Phone or otherwise?

You should have no problem whatsoever. You may need to download a pdf reader . . if you don't have one. Otherwise, you shouldn't need anything special. 

How do I manage the products and emails?

We highly suggest creating a folder for your products and emails. In the beginning you will receive thank you emails. You can just tuck them in the email folder. I have a folder in gmail titled BRAVE BASKET. And then within that I make sub folders for each of the programs/courses I've downloaded. 

Can I share my Brave Basket products with others?

Yes and No. We would love for you to share the opportunity to buy Brave Basket. That's why we have an affiliate program. If you would like to make a 50% commission for sharing, email me and I'll make that happen. rachelmartin@findingjoy.net. Otherwise, we ask that you don't just send the products to others. The experts are doing this on good faith and are expecting you to operate the same way.

Do you offer refunds?

No, there are no refunds,. Once you purchase Brave Basket you have full access to these products. We have the rule because you could buy the Basket, then download or register for everything, then ask for a refund. That's not fair to the people contributing the products. But what is fair is that we'll make sure you get everything we told you you would get. 

None of these FAQ's answered my question or solved my problem. 

Email us. We'll help. Just send chocolate. Just kidding. But we will help. 🙂 



  • Please remember to back up your files. 
    We are unable to send you copies of the products that have been deleted or lost.
  • Each of the products in Brave Basket is copyrighted by the original author.
  • The statements, views, and opinions contained within the products are those of the authors are not endorsed by, nor do they necessarily reflect, the opinion of Rachel Marie Martin of Finding Joy.
  • Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.
  • Sharing e-books, courses, videos and audios is theft and steals from the authors who work so hard to create these wonderful resources, so please make sure that you are respecting their copyrights (and you can always point others in the direction of their websites)
  • Due to the limited time offer, FindingJoy.net will not be offering refunds. However, they WILL make sure that you get what you’d paid for!
  • Thank you.